[xep-support] PostScript segmenting occassionally

From: Michael Ottoson <biscuit314@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Nov 01 2006 - 08:58:43 PST

We are experiencing an intermittend problem. When rendering an FO to
PostScript, if it works it produces the following header...

%%Title: Untitled
%%Creator: Unknown
%%Pages: 344
%%BeginResource: procset Common_XEP_procedures

... which is what we expect. Every so often, though, the very same FO
produces the following:

%%Title: Untitled
%%Creator: Unknown
%%Pages: 40
%%BeginResource: procset Common_XEP_procedures

Notice the Pages: is 40 when it should be 344. All of the pages are
there, but bound into small sections, each section has a header
similar to the above, but sometimes 36 pages, sometimes 41 pages, etc.
 All of these sections add up to 344 pages.

If I render the FO using the command line, it always works. Using
Actina, if I drop the FO by itself, it always works. If I drop in 12
FOs at a time, and it worked too. But in production, this always
fails (although it's difficult to tell what the difference is

We need the PostScript to render the first way. Is there a parameter
I can set to force XEP to always render PostScript in the desired
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