Re: [xep-support] preventing line breaks before punctuation

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Wed Nov 01 2006 - 00:07:09 PST

Geoff Levner wrote:
> Adding functions to manipulate strings seems straightforward enough.
> But I don't see how you would handle the problem of spaces which might
> be separated from the punctuation by XML markup. If anyone can give
> me a hint, I will be glad to give it a try...

/Value: / <keep> | inherit
/Initial: / .within-line=auto, .within-column=auto, .within-page=auto
/Applies to: / block-level formatting objects, inline formatting
objects, fo:table-caption, fo:table-row, fo:list-item,
fo:list-item-label, and fo:list-item-body
/Inherited: / yes
/Percentages: / N/A
/Media: / visual

I think that might help?


Dave Pawson
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