RE: [xep-support] ttf problem

From: Hood, Earl <>
Date: Wed Oct 04 2006 - 08:39:36 PDT

        But what about the fonts that are defined in only 1 ttf, such as
EnviroD (or Comic Sans MS: 2 ttf's)? Windows can extract the bold,
italic and bolditalic out of this 1 ttf, but can RenderX?
        How can I update my fonts.xml file so that RenderX can output
this font in normal, bold, italic and bolditalic?

I believe Windows does not "extract" anything, but uses some basic
algorithms to create the italic and bold versions of a typeface. For
example, to create italic, it applies a slanting algorithm to each
glyph. For bold, it probably renders a glyph multiple times with each
instance slightly offsetted to give a "bold" look.
Wrt RenderX, the versions I have worked with (>=4.5) have a feature to
"slant" a font to simulate italics. For example:
<font style="italic">
  <font-data name="Some Font" ttf="somefont.ttf"/>
  <transform slant-angle="10"/>
Unfortunately, there appears no capability to simulate bolding

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