[xep-support] ttf problem

From: Stijn Elst <stijn@fotek.com>
Date: Wed Oct 04 2006 - 02:55:04 PDT


Normally RenderX needs 4 ttf's referenced in the fonts.xml file to define a truetype font completely (normal, bold, italic, bolditalic), such as:

   <font embed="true" name="Rockwell" ttf="/mnt/redactie/fotek_tools/Klant_Afhankelijk/FOTEK/PIXBOOK/PHPRENDER/fonts/ROCK.TTF"/>
   <font embed="true" name="Rockwell-Bold" ttf="/mnt/redactie/fotek_tools/Klant_Afhankelijk/FOTEK/PIXBOOK/PHPRENDER/fonts/ROCKB.TTF"/>
   <font embed="true" name="Rockwell-Italic" ttf="/mnt/redactie/fotek_tools/Klant_Afhankelijk/FOTEK/PIXBOOK/PHPRENDER/fonts/ROCKI.TTF"/>
   <font embed="true" name="Rockwell-BoldItalic" ttf="/mnt/redactie/fotek_tools/Klant_Afhankelijk/FOTEK/PIXBOOK/PHPRENDER/fonts/ROCKBI.TTF"/>

But what about the fonts that are defined in only 1 ttf, such as EnviroD (or Comic Sans MS: 2 ttf's)? Windows can extract the bold, italic and bolditalic out of this 1 ttf, but can RenderX?

How can I update my fonts.xml file so that RenderX can output this font in normal, bold, italic and bolditalic?

We work with v3.8.1.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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