[xep-support] Intermediate format question

From: Teus Benschop <teus@teusbenschop.nl>
Date: Mon Oct 02 2006 - 22:36:34 PDT


We've a minor problem here with the XEP intermediate format, and perhaps
somebody knows a solution for it.

Our scenario is this.
We've a text.fo xslfo file, convert that text.fo to XEP intermediate
format, using the "-format xep" switch, then we process that text.fo.xep
intermediate file, and then produce a pdf out of it.

The text.fo file has the word "_elastic_" in it, like so:

 <fo:block font-size="12pt" text-align="left" space-before="0mm"
space-after="0mm" start-indent="0mm" end-indent="0mm" text-indent="0mm"
span="all" intrusion-displace="line" widows="2" orphans="2">

The word "_elastic_" triggers our processor and cause it do take some

Depending on the font chosen, at times the word "_elastic_" gets into
the text.fo.xep intermediate file as one whole word, but sometimes it
gets divided into two bits, like so:

<xep:text value="_elas" x="56693" y="774889" width="24528"/>
<xep:text value="tic_" x="81221" y="774889" width="18000"/>

If the words is available as one whole word, our processor finds it, and
handles it properly, but if the processor finds "_elas" and then "tic_"
later, it does not recognize this as a special word to be handled, does
not get triggered, and therefore does nothing, and the "_elastic"
appears in the output pdf, which is undesired.

My question is whether there are any instructions to be given to XEP to
put some text as one unit into the intermediate file, like so:

<xep:text value="_elastic_" x="56693" y="774889" width="42528"/>

Thanks for any help,


Teus Benschop
Free Presbyterian Church

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