[xep-support] RenderX (Two Problems / Bug in RenderX?) XEP 4.7

From: EasyBrowse - Dirk Büttner <dirk@easybrowse.com>
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 02:46:01 PDT


I've two problems with the layout in a created PDF-File (XEP 4.7).
In the "Knowledge Base" and in other discriptions I've not found special
information about my problems.

1. Included within text I use text with another color.
<fo:block widows="2" orphans="1" font-size="17px" line-height="112%"
text-align="justify" hyphenate="true" language="en-US">... different
state of <fo:inline
color="#398AC6" wrap-option="no-wrap">?anxiety</fo:inline>, which is a
more ...</fo:block>

Now you can see in the PDF
(//http://www.easybrowse.com/RenderX/not_used_space.jpg) a space beetween
"anxiety" and "," wich is not used in code. Sample-code in

If this Problem is a Bug in RenderX. Can you tell me a date to resolve
the problem?

2. I want to fill my two column-side for the same used text-height in
both column (//http://www.easybrowse.com/RenderX/column_height.jpg ).
Especially the same height in the last
line of both columns.

I used these attributs.
space-before.maximum="30px" space-after.maximum="30px"
space-before.minimum="0px" space-after.minimum="0px"
space-before.optimum="0px" space-after.optimum="0px"

But the result is the same without this.

Is there a possibility to get this?

Best regards
Dirk Buettner

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