Re: [xep-support] Using markers to retrieve multiple page items

From: G. Ken Holman <>
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 10:30:26 PDT

At 2006-09-25 11:26 -0400, Jerry Janofsky wrote:
>I am trying to use markers to retrieve multiple
>items that may exist on a single page.

You would have to retrieve each and every one, but this may work in your case.

>The idea is similar to a phone book, where the
>phone book has the name of the first and last
>entry on the page displayed in the header. The
>difference is that I want my header to display
>not just the first and last entry, but all
>unique entries. For example, given the flow
>section shown below, I would want my header to
>contain “Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3”. Notice
>there are two “Entry 2s” but it is only displayed once.

If you created a unique marker class for each and
every entry's unique value, and then retrieved
all marker classes into your static content using
and retrieve-boundary="page", the ones that are
not on that page will not be retrieved but all
that are on the page will, and if you have more
than one of the same class, only one will be retrieved for that class.

It sounds excessive, but using XSLT you will know
all of the entries in your page sequence, so you
can synthesize the concatenated retrieval of all
entries ... and you will only get the ones that
are on the page. You will have to add spacing to
your marker definition ... which means you won't
be able to get a comma-separated presentation
(since the last entry would also be followed by a
comma), but I can't quickly think of any other
approach that would give you anything
close. This is because the formatter is the only
part of the process that knows what shows up on
each page, not your transformation process.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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