Re: [xep-support] How to disable generation of PDF thumbnails?

From: Chris Ridd <>
Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 10:56:02 PDT

On 20/9/06 6:12, Phil Mocek <> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 11:40:36AM +0500, David Tolpin wrote:
>> if you can take my word for that, it is the Reader that renders
>> the thumbnails. If the Reader finds a thumbnail in the PDF, it
>> uses it; otherwise, it just rasterizes the same page twice,
>> with the window and the thumbnail resolutions.
> Thanks for the tip. This is good to know.

I'm not sure it is entirely correct though. According to the PDF spec
thumbnails are optional. Presumably if Acrobat Reader sees one in a PDF it
uses it, otherwise it does what David says - generates one on the fly.

> I still need to find out what XEP's default behavior is and,
> assuming that it *does* generate thumbnails, how to alter that
> behavior.

According to the PDF spec again, thumbnails are defined for a given page
using a key called /Thumb. So, if you open your XEP-produced PDF in a decent
text editor and look for the text "/Thumb" you should be able to spot

FWIW I looked in a PDF generated by XEP 4.6, and it did not have thumbnails.

Another option if you have a Mac, is to use the "Voyeur" example project
that comes with the developer tools to graphically drill down through the
structure of a PDF file looking for /Thumb keys. (Pretty dull work if there
are no /Thumb keys :-)

> Do RenderX staff monitor this list?

I believe so.



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