Re: [xep-support] Strange phenomenon in Table of Contents (2)

From: Bob Stayton <>
Date: Mon Sep 18 2006 - 09:33:13 PDT

This may be a long shot, but here it is. I experienced a similar problem
when my stylesheet had indent="yes" in the xsl:output element. With that
setting, the line breaks produced by indenting FO elements in the FO file
introduced whitespaces that became break points. Your line is breaking
before the page number, and then the formatter is applying the
justification algorithm to the page number with ugly results. When I ran
my stylesheet with indent="no", the problem went away.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
DocBook Consulting

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thank you all for your suggestions. Unfortunately, none brings the desired
Michael, I tried adding leader-length.optimum="0pt" but it did not help
(result is in tocproblem3.png)
Removing keep-with-next.within-line from the first <fo:basic-link/> as
Volodymyr suggested did not help either (see tocproblem2.png)
What did help somehow (but still not how I want it to be) was the tip from
Dovid Zalkin. He suggested to use margin-right and margin-left on
<fo:inline/> to provoke a line break whenever the line becomes dangerously

<fo:block text-align-last="justify" text-align="start" end-indent="24pt"
  <fo:inline keep-with-next.within-line="always" margin-right="1in">
    <fo:basic-link internal-destination="id411304">2.4.4. Echo Request
message to a destination IP address of</fo:basic-link>
  <fo:inline keep-together.within-line="always" margin-left="-1in">
<fo:leader leader-pattern="dots" leader-pattern-width="3pt"
leader-alignment="reference-area" keep-with-next.within-line="always"/>
<fo:basic-link internal-destination="id411304"><fo:page-number-citation

See the result in tocproblem4.png.


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