[xep-support] 2nd Posting: Unexpected Behavior of Padding Property

From: Kevin Trainor <ktrainor@ligent.net>
Date: Sun Jul 30 2006 - 10:33:25 PDT

I use XSLT and XSL-FO to generate slides for my courseware. I am using the
XEP 4.5 Desktop Version. My problem happens when I am generating title
slides. My title is reversed out of a solid background color block. In
order to get the solid color block to stretch to the edge of my slide, I
have set the side margins to zero. In order to give the color block some
visual weight, I have set padding to 0.5 in. Generally, this works OK.
But, there is a length of text for the title that will cause the text to
stretch all of the way to the side margin without regard to the padding that
I have requested. Slightly shorter text has no problem. Slightly longer
text forces a multi-line title and so it has no problem either. It is just
when my title happens to work out to the exact problem length that I get the
symptoms. Changing the property name that I am using for padding
(padding-left and padding-right vs. padding) doesn't seem to help. Changing
the padding value expression doesn't seem to help either. My work around
has been to change the length of the title. But, it has come time to
discover the cause of this problem and fix it.


I have attached a zip file with sample files that illustrate my problem. I
will be very grateful to anyone who can point out my error.






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