[xep-support] Inline-area containing multiple lines

From: Ettinger, Christian <Christian.Ettinger@3SOFT.de>
Date: Tue Jul 04 2006 - 23:49:52 PDT

in my document I want chapter titles to be styled as follows:
On the left there is a large (72pt) number indicating the current chapter number. Next to the right of this number I want to have the chapter title, about half the height of the number (24pt). The chapter number and chapter title should sit on the same line.
This works by using the following simple FO code:
<fo:block font-size="24pt">
  <fo:inline font-size="74pt>
So far that's good. But a problem arises when the title is so long so it does not fit in the line any more. Then XEP continues the title in the next line, below the number.
Instead, I want to have both title lines next to the number (see the attached example).
My idea was now to use <fo:inline-container> for the chapter title, specifying a vertical alignment of 'bottom'. This way single-lined titles should reside on the same line as the number, whereas multi-lined titles are placed with their bottom line at the same line as the number (that's my theory).
However, I can't get this work, whichever way I set the attributes. XEP always places the inline-container on a new line below the chapter number.
Am I using the right FO for that? Is my theory correct, or do I have to do that completely different?
I am grateful for any suggestions!
Thanks in advance,

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