RE: [xep-support] Leader in TOC

From: Jan Tosovsky <>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 12:53:21 PDT

> You may try to remove spaces between the leader and the
> page-number-citation. You may also specify
> leader-length.minimum="0pt"
> and leader-length.optimum="0pt" to allow the leader be as
> short as required.

Looking again to my code I've already found the reason of this strange
behaviour. It is my wrong customization of DocBook templates. Ooops. XEP is
Ok. My appologies.

FYI: Presented TOC isn't standard DocBook TOC. To ensure right alignment of
chapter numbering (better for roman letters) it is composed using elements
<fo:list-item>. Numbers are specified in <fo:list-item-label> part and title
together with page reference in <fo:list-item-body> part. Code of this
latter part is taken from original stylesheets with minimal changes so
behaviour in this wrapper still have some properties, which caused my
problems. For testing I've made working test case (enclosed), where I've
found two atributes end-indent and last-line-end-indent, purpose of which
isn't very clear to me. I've tried to remove them and my problems
disappears. This modification maybe will cause some another problems in
future, but for now, from my point of view, this topic is solved.

> > XEP version: 4.4-20050610-personal
> (XEP 4.6 build 20060515 is the most recent one, though I am
> not sure if
> there were changes addressing this issue. Anyway, there are other
> changes, so you are encouraged to upgrade).

I really don't know why I've thought (maybe brain eclipse) that "personal"
edition of XEP was unique offer. Knowledge that each XEP update has own
personal version is good news for me.

Thanks to all.


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