[xep-support] Out of memory error?

From: Steve Ylvisaker <sylvisaker@CHYconsultants.com>
Date: Mon May 01 2006 - 08:45:54 PDT

I'm not sure where to look to diagnose this problem. I have been working
with a style sheet for some time and have gotten to the point where it
is working well with my test document. I introduced a larger production
size document and ran the XSLT transformation fine - the XSL:FO looks
normal to me.

However, when I run it through the formatter I am receiving an out of
memory error.

  Error Message: "Exception in thread "Thread-2" java.lang.outof memory
Error: Java heap space"

I am running the XEP Personal Edition and I am using the XEP Assistant
(I haven't been able to get it to run at the command line)

Also attached is the output from the log that indicates that the XSL:FO
file passed validation and was in the process of formatting when it
aborted. The resulting .ps file is empty.

Thanks for any advise

(document [system-id file:/S:/xslt/fo/out020.fo]
  (validate [validation OK])
      (sequence-master [master-name cover1])
      (sequence-master [master-name bodyrecto])
      (sequence-master [master-name backcover])
      (sequence-master [master-name bodytoc])
      (sequence-master [master-name bodytmarks]))
    (sequence [master-reference cover1]
      (static-content [flow-name cover1before])
      (static-content [flow-name cover1after])
      (flow [flow-name cover1body]))
    (sequence [master-reference bodytmarks]
      (static-content [flow-name tmarksbefore])
      (static-content [flow-name tmarksafter])
      (flow [flow-name tmarksbody]))
    (sequence [master-reference bodytoc]
      (static-content [flow-name tocbefore])
      (static-content [flow-name tocafter])
      (flow [flow-name tocbody]))
    (sequence [master-reference bodyrecto]
      (static-content [flow-name xsl-footnote-separator])
      (static-content [flow-name rectobefore])
      (static-content [flow-name rectoafter])
      (flow [flow-name bodyr]))
    (sequence [master-reference backcover]
      (static-content [flow-name beforeback])
      (static-content [flow-name afterback])
      (flow [flow-name bodyback])))
    (sequence [master-reference cover1]
      (flow [1][2])
      (static-content [1]|cover1after||cover1before|[2]|cover1after||cover1before|))
    (sequence [master-reference bodytmarks]
      (flow [3])
      (static-content [3]|tmarksafter||tmarksbefore|))
    (sequence [master-reference bodytoc]
      (flow [4][5])
      (static-content [4]|tocafter||tocbefore|[5]|tocafter||tocbefore|))
    (sequence [master-reference bodyrecto]
      (flow [6][7][8][9][10]))
Formatting successful.

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