Re: [xep-support] Graphics not appearing

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sun Apr 09 2006 - 02:10:35 PDT

On 11/08/5766, at 13:22, David Tolpin wrote:

> On 11/08/5766, at 14:00, Dovid Zalkin wrote:
>> Thanks. Setting the content-width to an absolute value helped
>> partially; however, I need the graphic to fill the whole page,
>> which is 8 1/2 in., and when I set the width to anything more than
>> 6 in it doesn't appear at all. Any ideas? Tx.
>> David
> That probably means that when the width is set to anything more
> than 6in, the images height with leadings and padding of the block
> it is included into leads to a block area that does not fit into
> the page.

And to deal with it, you'll need to set

   1) width and height on the image (that is, inline-progression-
dimension and block-progression-dimension) so that the block area
fits the region,

   2) content-width and content-height on the image -- to the image's
natural dimensions (that is, the whole page)

   3) overflow -- to be "visible"

   4) and display-align and text-align of the image to values that
place the image on the page properly.

Alternatively, you can place the image into a fixed container large
enough to accomodate the whole image. You'll most probably have to
set top and left of the container to negative values.

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