Re: [xep-support] Problem with links and page references

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sun Apr 09 2006 - 02:06:59 PDT

On 11/08/5766, at 14:54, Dovid Zalkin wrote:

> Hi David.
> The link targets are after the links themselves. As far as the page
> numbers, the numbers are in the TOC which obviously precedes the
> content itself. And the links are in the outlines of the sections
> (e.g.
> Billing
> * Introduction
> * Billing Procedure
> where the two elements of the unordered list are links to the
> respective sections.
> I hope this is what you meant.
> Dovid


no, that's not I meant. What you are saying is obvious. But the only
case when XEP points at the end of a section is when the link target
is somehow at the end of the section. This may be the case when in
the generated FO page-number-citation-last is used, or if the marked
element is not the section but an element at the end of the section.

I'd advise you to look at the generated FO, not at the source
document, and check that the link targets, (that is, FO elements
marked with the ids) are instead where you expect them to be, and
that the right FO elements are used to establish the links.

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