[xep-support] Using XEPWin with .NET wrapper and Arbortext Epic

From: Powell, Todd <Todd.Powell@hq.doe.gov>
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 04:52:19 PDT

Hello all,

I've tried looking in the documentation shipped with XEPWin (Desktop)
for a solution/example, but can't seem to find any -- and I'm fairly new
to .NET, so if this is a "there are no stupid" questions, please bear
with me :-)

I see on the XEPWin website page that it makes reference to the ability
to call the XEP functionality via .NET calls -- "Authors use one of the
pre-built applications or possibly call the transformation from a
Windows-based editor like XMetal using .NET coding or command-line
interface." I'm using Epic editor (not XMetaL) with VBScript code, and
am hoping that doesn't pose some inherent problem.

Does anyone have an example of calling out to the .NET interfaces via
code, thus hiding the command window (DOS window) from the user? I've
got the command-line call to XEP.BAT working OK from Epic, now I just
want to hide the processing...

Thanks in advance!

- Todd

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