[xep-support] keep-together handling

From: Matthias Born <born@oio.de>
Date: Mon Apr 03 2006 - 09:28:42 PDT

Hello RenderX,

i've got a question about the handling of the keep-attributes.

i'm using a docbook-like format for articles and trying to tell any
<section>-, <itemizedlist>- and <para>-corresponding <fo:block> to keep
together within a page.

of course, it can't work every time, becourse some sections are larger
than a single page. but i would expect, that anyhow the sub-sections,
lists or paragraphs would try to keep together. but it seems, if one
keep-together fails, all other (descendant) are ignored too.

any suggestion?



ps.: i'm using one of the last 3.x versions

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