Re: [xep-support] Double Page Numbering Revisited

From: G. Ken Holman <>
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 15:16:15 PST

At 2006-03-30 13:05 -0600, Kevin Trainor wrote:
>When I generate the slides for a course, I use <fo:page-number/> to
>number the slides consecutively. Additonally, some of my slides
>make up a series that I would also like to label as [1 of 4], [2 of
>4], [3 of 4], etc. So far, I have not figured out a good way to do
>this. It seems to me that this would be a double page numbering
>scheme like the one that was discussed on this list about a month ago.

Nope! I don't see this as a double page numbering issue.

>I recall that the best advice in that thread was to do post
>processing on the FO output file.

Shouldn't have to.

>Can anyone think of a way to do this with just a single pass of XSLT
>and XSL-FO?

I'm assuming you are creating a page sequence for each <series>
element. Put an empty block at the end of the flow for each series,
and use a unique value for each series to ensure no collisions
(perhaps use the generate-id() of the series element as the value).

Then, in your static content use:

  [<page-number/> of <page-number-citation ref-id="{generate-id(.)}"/>]

You aren't "counting" the pages in the series, you are citing the
last page in the series. So, if a series has 6 pages instead of 4,
you get "6" because you are citing the last page of the series.

Note you will have to restart your page numbering with each
page-sequence, so use initial-page-number="1".

Note also that if you do not want a blank page after a series that
has an odd number of pages, you will need force-page-count="no-force"
because the default of "auto" will imply blank pages based on the
page parity of the initial page number.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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