RE: [xep-support] Spotcolor

From: Niek Mentink <>
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 02:30:56 PST

Does anyone know if XEP supports spotcolor images? The reference says
about eps:

'EPS images are supported in PostScript generator only. In the PDF
generation module, they are replaced by a bitmap preview image (EPSI or
TIFF) if available; otherwise, the correspondent area is left blank.'

So I assume that I have to generate a PostScript file and convert this
one later to pdf. But the reference still doesn't say anything about
spotcolor channels.

Thank for your help


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----

Sorry, I wasn't clear about that. I didn't just convert the images
indeed, but created a spot color channel in Photoshop. It might be that
I did this wrong (there are many ways, and many export option), but I've
tried several ways and looked at tutorials like the one on:

Can I assume that XEP is capable of dealing with this?


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----


I don't think this is a XEP issue. You must create the artwork from
scratch in a software that supports spot color (e.g. Illustrator,
Freehand etc) and when you do you need to apply spot color correctly (as
opposed to CMYK color). You won't get spot color by merely converting an
image into another image file format.

Best regards,
Mats Broberg
Technical Documentation Manager

> -----Original Message-----
> Hello Xeps,
> I'm generating a PDF wich will be printed in two colors (black and
> orange). Therefore I'm converting it to spotcolor. My text is already
> in spotcolor without any problems, but there are also some icons and I

> can't get them in spotcolor.
> I've already converted the images to eps and tiff with spotcolor (I've

> tried many variations), but when I'm finally having the PDF and do a
> output preview in acrobat 7, the icons are not in spotcolor.
> Does anyone know if Xep maybe doesn't support this at all, or maybe if

> I'm doing something wrong?
> Thanks
> Niek

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