[xep-support] Combining word-spacing and letter-spacing

From: Koos Mebius <koos.mebius@lineup.nl>
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 03:11:08 PST


But I should think there's plenty of room to adjust line width, since I
didn't specify full justification...


On 06/07/5766, at 13:39, Koos Mebius wrote:

/> Hi there, /
/> /
/> In a project I'm working on, combining word-spacing and letter- /
/> spacing (e.g. letter-spacing=".01em" word-spacing=".2em" ) leads to /
/> odd results (text 'bleeds' into the margin area). Is this a known /
/> issue? /


You don't leave the formatter room to adjust line width. Set letter-
spacing.optimum and word-spacing.optimum instead.


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