Re: [xep-support] Adjusting the pagenumbering within the intermediate format.

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 10:42:33 PST

Chris Bowditch wrote:
> Peter Kester wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there a possible way to adjust the generated pagenumbers in the
>> intermediate format.
>> If I generate a 10 page PDFdocument with a page range of 20 until 29,
>> is it possible to add some text to the last 3 pagenumbers?
>> Say for instance 27a 27b 27c in stead of 27 28 and 29.
>> Can this be done in the intermediate format of XEP?
> Yes, if you look at the Intermediate Format XML you will see that there
> are 2 attributes on the xep:page element that relate to the page number;
> page-number and page-id. The page-number must be a numeric value and
> kept in consecutive order, within the XML file. The page-id is the
> description of the page that will appear in the PDF or PS once the IF
> XML is rendered. So you need to parse the XML and change the page-id.

I suspect Peter is speaking about those page-numbers that are visible on
pages, that is, rendered. They come from <fo:page-number/> element in
the source FO file. There is no way you can change them in the
Intermediate Format, because this format is what you get after all
formatting is done, and at this moment the <fo:page-number/> elements
are presented just as any other text.

If you need to get "27a 27b 27c" for the whole page-sequence, you may
put <fo:block>27<fo:page-number format="a"/></fo:block> in your source
FO. This will concatenate a text string "27" with a sequence "a b c .."
of page-numbers. Currently I cannot imagine a way to make it for just
the last three pages of a page-sequence.

Best regards,
  Michael Sulyaev,
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