Re: [xep-support] Rookie question: full page table

From: Eliot Kimber <>
Date: Wed Feb 08 2006 - 06:58:50 PST

Powell, Todd wrote:
> What if you detect the last row of the table being displayed (the "real"
> table), and suppress the bottom border. Then, you create a second,
> absolutely positioned table at the bottom of each page with one row (and
> one cell as in your example figures) with no content. This border-only

You could also do this with markers by making the region-after's extent
overlap the region-body (probably just make it overlap the entire
region-body) and then put a table that will provide the necessary
borders in a marker that is only set in the last row of the real table.

The only thing this complicates is the generation of "normal" footers
(if you have them), which would require a little more effort to position
correctly (i.e., you'd probably have to use a block container with
display-align="after" to force the footer to the bottom of the region-after.



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