[xep-support] multi threaded access issue ?

From: Rob Stote <RStote@whitehilltech.com>
Date: Mon Feb 06 2006 - 07:14:14 PST

Hello all:

I am doing some performance tests with XEP 4.4. I am testing in in two
environments. The first is a hyper-threaded machine, the second on a dual
processor Xeon. Our code (see snippet below) is using the java API to access
XEP. We are producing PDF. My issue is the following: we have notice a
considerable slow down when using multi-threaded access in conjunction with
a Hyper Threaded, or Multiple CPU box. The slow down seems to disappear when
we disable Hyper-Threading. Once disabled we are able to use "multithreaded"
access and get faster throughput on the HT machine. However, on the 2CPU box
we have to set out thread count to 1 in order to not experience a slowdown
in production of the PDF. Any ideas as to why this is happening ?

Thanks in advance


+++++++ Test One +++++++++

Running 1000 documents through on the P4 3.2HT machine. The input is a .fo

Hyperthreaded, 2 threads - 4.2 minutes
Hyperthreaded, 1 thread - 2.9 minutes

Non-hyperthreaded, 1 thread - 2.3 minutes
Non-hyperthreaded, 2 threads - 2.3minutes

P4HT 3.2 GHz HT
1Gig RAM
XEP 4.4
Java 4.1.2_8

Notice the drastic increase in time with multithreaded access on a
hyper-threaded machine......

+++++++ Test Two +++++++++

Running 1000 documents through on the 2CPU XEON 3.4 machine. The input is a
.fo document.

2CPU, 4 threads - 9.1 minutes
2CPU, 1 thread - 2.4 minutes

2CPU Xeon 3.2Ghz
2Gig RAM
XEP 4.4
Java 4.1.2_8

CODE Snippet:

    private ThreadLocal localFormatter = new ThreadLocal() {
        protected Object initialValue()
            Properties options = new Properties();
            options.setProperty("CONFIG", xepRoot + "/xep.xml");
            options.setProperty("VALIDATE", "false");
            try {
                return new FormatterImpl(options, new
            catch (ConfigurationException e) {
                log.error(e.getMessage(), e);
                throw new RuntimeException(e);
    public void render(...)
        Formatter formatter = (Formatter) localFormatter.get();
        String documentURI = baseDir + "/document";
            FOTarget target = new FOTarget(out, "PDF");
                    Result result = new SAXResult(
                    transformer.transform(saxSource, result);

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