[xep-support] Footnote positioning problem

From: Teus Benschop <teus@teusbenschop.nl>
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 20:33:09 PST

There is a problem with positioning a footnote on a page.

"XEP can place footnotes inside single columns in multi-column layouts,
rather than a page-wide area (as prescribed by the spec). This behaviour
is controlled
by an option, PAGEWIDE_FOOTNOTES="false"."

This option has been set in the xep.xml file, and indeed the footnotes
then are placed inside the single columns, but in some cases the
footnotes no longer appear at the bottom of the page, but elsewhere in
the layout. This occurs when the layout changes from multi-column to
single column during the flow. The footnote is then placed just before
where the single column starts.

Anyone knows how to solve this?

I could have included the document.fo file, but as this is a bit long, I
am emailing it to support@renderx.com.

Teus Benschop.
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