Re: [xep-support] Anyone know why this is causing an exception?

From: Jim Melton <>
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 10:24:26 PST


I've been having the same problem (in fact, I think I was the first to
report it to RenderX). In my cases (several of them), most -- but not all
-- of the fo:change-bar-* elements seemed to be placing changebars around
table elements whose position is not fixed, such as table headings (that
can appear on multiple pages) or table notes (that are specified early but
rendered late).

In my cases, at least, there did not appear to be a correlation between the
error and the amount of material between change-bar-begin and
change-bar-end -- on one occasion, I accidently left off a change-bar-end
and the changebars went across the next 800 pages of my document before
hitting an extra change-bar-end that I'd left in.

Perhaps this will help you find a workaround until the development team has
a complete fix.

Hope this helps,

At 1/19/2006 03:23 AM, Michael Sulyaev wrote:
>Hello Dan,
>This error message is caused by a bug in change-bars processing in tables.
>A fix is been developed, but it is not yet ready.
>A quick workaround in some cases is to move change-bar-begin closer to the
>text it should start marking, and change-bar-end closer to the text it
>should end marking. That is, move it inside table-cells. This may help,
>though I make no guarantees.
>I would appreciate if you send your source FO file archived to
>Best regards,
> Michael Sulyaev
>On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 09:34:46 +0300, Dan Ochs <> wrote:
>>Anyone know why I keep getting this error? I think it has something
>>to do with file size or xml element depth, but not sure. I think the
>>change bar positioning looks correct though? I can get the error to
>>go away if I remove the fo:table element or if I remove the
>>"tesetestetsettalsduhalo" fo:block elements. I can't seem to figure
>>out any consistency in the error except for the amont of information I
>>have before/between the change bar elements. I am using XEP 4.4 and
>>my output is shown below.
>>Any help is appreciated!
>>(document [system-id
>> (validate [validation OK])
>> (compile
>> (masters
>> (sequence-master [master-name odd-page-doublecolumn])
>> (sequence-master [master-name even-page-doublecolumn])
>> (sequence-master [master-name even-first-doublecolumn])
>> (sequence-master [master-name odd-page-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
>> (sequence-master [master-name even-page-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
>> (sequence-master [master-name even-first-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
>> (sequence-master [master-name even-last-singlecolumn])
>> (sequence-master [master-name odd-first-doublecolumn])
>> (sequence-master [master-name odd-first-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
>> (sequence-master [master-name chapter]))
>> (sequence [master-reference chapter]
>> (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body])))
>> (format
>> (sequence [master-reference chapter]
>> (flow [1][2])
>> (static-content [1][2])))
>> (generate [output-format pdf][1]error: formatting failed:
>>com.renderx.xep.lib.InternalException: ending changebar that's not
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