Re: [xep-support] update and inline-graphic

From: Marc Logemann <>
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 09:29:11 PST

Hi Bob,

its a pleasure to get support from you. The point is, it looks as the
image is not aligned with the text baseline but some pixels above, but
perhaps i have some lines of spaces at the bottom of the image that
causes this, i will have to recheck this.

I will remove my imageobject property since it has no effect then.

BTW your book arrived today and even i am quite happy with the HTML
version in the net, i wanted to pay for it because of its superb
content. Your book saved me many hours and there is nothing i miss. This
one in tandem with the docbook reference from Norman is really the best
reading material you can get on that topic.

One more simple question to you if i am allowed. I want to create simple
headings like <h1> or <h2> in HTML inside my text but i found no way to
do it. The only thing i saw is some kind of unnumbered section element,
but this is not what i want since its not a section but a heading. Can
you recommend something? Should i go with <emphasis> and define a custom
role or something? But then i would have to modify some stylesheets and
stuff, i hoped to get something that is allready ready to use as heading.

To all the XEP guys. Its really sad to see that there is no response to
my docbench update question. I mean, you guys should really answer this

Bob Stayton schrieb:
> I can respond to your second question about vertical alignment. An
> inlinegraphic is in an FO line area, and the valign attribute is mapped to
> the FO display-align property, which has no effect in a line area, only in a
> block area. Normally a graphic's bottom edge is aligned to the text
> baseline, and the line height expands to fit the graphic. You can change
> the vertical position of an inline element with a baseline-shift property,
> although there is no DocBook attribute that currently specifies such a
> baseline shift. You could add a processing instruction to your imageobject,
> perhaps, to specify such a baseline shift.
> But then I'm not clear on what you mean by centering it vertically.
> Centered relative to what? The baseline?

Marc Logemann
"Programming is like Sex, one mistake and you support it for a lifetime"
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