RE: [xep-support] Accessibity Mode and Spaces

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 10:21:04 PST

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 16:37 -0800, Kevin Brown wrote:
> Steve/Dave:
> I do not see this issue, maybe something else is going on here with
> browser/setup/reader version? I have Acrobat 7 Reader and can browse to
> this RenderX-generated PDF file (coincidentally this is our VPAT for 508!):
> Copy/paste from here only shows that the line endings (as expected) have no
> spaces, but there are spaces between the words for sure.
Ditto for a cut and paste here.

> Screen readers
> have no problem with this file either.
I'm impressed that you tried it (Jaws is the most common in the UK).

I don't have Acrobat professional, but if anyone has,
then there should be a 'check accessibility' option?
And the option to try and 'fix it'.

For content generated using XSL-FO (I can only speak
for XEP, I haven't tried any others) I think that the
'structure' (an Adobe phrase) of the XML (or fo) is
If you try it with some other PDF generation tools you'll
often find that there is no structure, which is what
the access technology grabs on to AFAIK.

Cut and paste is not, in my opinion, equal access,
so wouldn't pass my judgement as being accessible :-)

Thanks for the reply Kevin.

Next question: How to get the 'structure' (Adobe use)
generated in *any* PDF generated using xsl-fo!

Anyone know if it is a realistic option?
  I don't. Then I'd have to sell it to the WG!

regards DaveP

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