[xep-support] 'Object label badly formatted' error

From: Brett Karopczyc <bj@infoplusonline.com>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 06:58:05 PST


I just started delivering PDF files created with XEP through my web
site (replacing a FrameMaker workflow), and I immediately got
complaints from my customers that the PDF files could not be viewed on
the web. When they click on a link to a PDF file, they get an error
message (apparently from Acrobat Reader) stating 'Object label badly
formatted'. So far the complaints have come from my customers using
Acrobat Reader 5.x and 6.x on the Windows platform.

After searching for this error, it seems RenderX was made aware of the
issue back in June of 2004. I'm wondering whether any progress has
been made in rectifying this problem since that time. I'm aware of the
user workarounds (saving the file before viewing and turning off fast
web viewing), but honestly both of these solutions add an unnecessary
level of complexity to the solution I'm trying to provide. It also
appears the problem is fixed by upgrading to Acrobat Reader 7.0, but
most of my customers work for large organizations where the IT
department controls software updates in the enterprise, meaning they
have no control over which version of Reader is used.

Is turning off linearization in XEP during the PDF production the only
known solution from my end (as the provider of the documents)?
Linearization is one of the key features we specifically looked for
when picking an XSL-FO formatter, as some of our documents are quite
large. Other PDF files we've created (using both FrameMaker and XSL
Formatter) are linearized and provided in the exact same fashion, but
do not experience this problem.

I'm using XEP Version 4.4 build 20050610 on Mac OS X.

Thanks for any information and assistance you can provide,

Brett Karopczyc
Head of Software Development
Bristol Capital, Inc.

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