Re: [xep-support] XEP Startup Error

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 09:28:00 PST

Hello Ray,

This error: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/renderx/xep/XSLDriver"
means that -classpath option in "java -classpath %CP%
com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver ... " call in xep.bat has provided the JVM
with a wrong classpath, and the JVM could not find XEP classes searching
this classpath.
You need to check that "set CP=...xep.jar;..." line in xep.bat points to
the real placement of XEP jars, and that the files exist.

This error could appear, for example, if you moved(renamed) XEP folder
after installation.

Certainly, a clean reinstall of XEP will help.

Best regards,
  Michael Sulyaev
Ray Miller wrote:
> The following error is generated from a transformation from oXygen-6.2:
> Started: C:\usr\java\XEP-4.4\xep.bat -fo "C:\Documents and 
> Settings\millerr\My 
> Documents\docbook\templates\ieee1058\ieee1058.xml_xslt" -pdf 
> "C:\Documents and Settings\millerr\My Documents\My 
> Website\docbook\VHA\vhimSI\ieee1058.pdf"
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/renderx/xep/XSLDriver
> Exception in thread "main"
> Process ended with exit code: 0
> Problem exists with attempting to run xep.bat with and without args.
> Ray
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