RE: [xep-support] Support of special types of spaces

From: Broberg, Mats <>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 02:16:06 PDT


Not quite true.

The reason typographic spaces still exist has nothing whatsoever to do
with the fact that they were once cast in lead. They would have appeared
in any technology, because fine typesetting requires fixed spaces. And
they are still there, because users need them. Perhaps not the average
MS Word users, but typesetters.

Using entities is a detour for the typesetter and the standard should
offer the typesetter to enter fixed spaces as any other type of
character. One of the very ideas with a new technology is that it should
exceed the level of precision or quality as the one it supersedes - and
it should do that faster and easier. Not the opposite.

Best regards,
Mats Broberg
Technical Documentation Manager

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> The only reason typographic spaces exist is that they were
> cast in lead. It's legacy, it results in poor typography, and
> creates problems which are hard to resolve (typographically,
> not programmatically). For good typography, define entities
> of appropriate names and map them to space-filled leaders of
> appropriate lengths -- and use them for truly good typography.
> David

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