[xep-support] Path limitations on Java command line

From: Brett Karopczyc <bj@infoplusonline.com>
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 07:10:15 PDT

I'm using XEP v4.4 (Java) from the command line on Mac OS X, and have
noticed that XEP refuses to format if the path to the FO file contains
either the '%' or '#' characters. Below is some sample output:

$ java com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver -fo /Test#2/Test.fo
(document [system-id file:/Test#2/Test.fo]
   (compile )
   (format )
   (generate [output-format pdf]))

I/O error: java.io.EOFException: no more input


$ java com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver -fo /Test%2/Test.fo
(document [system-id file:/Test%2/Test.fo]
   (compile )
   (format )
   (generate [output-format pdf]))
error: formatting failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

I'm currently working around this problem by altering the names of the
paths to the FO files to process, but was wondering if there was a
simple solution or a list of other characters to avoid in a path.
Every other character I've tried using in a path (@,$,&,*, etc.) works
just fine.


Brett Karopczyc
Bristol Capital, Inc.

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