[xep-support] Setup an XSL to read input parameters from an XML file

From: viking <vikingway2deal@mycingular.blackberry.net>
Date: Mon Sep 12 2005 - 07:23:48 PDT

Goal: use an XML file to specify all input parameters. The important parameters are each record within the XML specifies input files that are to be processed sequentially and processing only certain data which is controlled by other parameters within the XML input file.

1) XML file contains 2 records. Each record specifies 2 input XML files to process and some additional detail info.

2) First XSL reads the XML and passes the top node set from the XML to a second XSL by calling a template within the second XSL.

3) Second XSL attempts to read the incoming records and errors out with id: 20.
   If I pass individual values from no more than one record it works. If I pass more than one record I receive the error Context stack underflow. I think there is a problem when I read in a new set of input XML files that are specified within each record and try to read the new input files.

I hope I have made the problem detailed enough to receive some help.


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