Re: [xep-support] XML catalogs in XEP

From: Marc Baaden <>
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 02:49:40 PDT


thanks a lot for your tip, but unfortunately I am not enough XML or Java
savvy to quite understand it. However - by some trial and error - it seems
like somehow xep does "magically" read my xml catalog file without my

Some few things are still taken from the net (which I can verify by not
defining the proxy), but I haven't yet found a switch to check that.

Still I would like to understand how to use the Sax entity resolver. So
in case it is only a line of code or so and you don't mind, here is what
I use and I would like to tell it to use eg catalog file
/etc/xml/test/catalog.xml. How would I do that ?

My command is:


$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -classpath $CP \
  -Dcom.renderx.xep.ROOT=$XEP_HOME \
  -fo $ -pdf $FNAME.pdf

Thanks in advance,

>>> =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Werner_Donn=E9?= said:
>> Marc,
>> You should implement the org.xml.sax.EntityResolver interface.
>> It has only one method "resolveEntity", which takes two arguments:
>> "publicId" and "systemId". For either one of them you can look up
>> the file in your catalog.xml and return a org.xml.sax.InputSource.
>> Try a look-up with publicId if it is different from null. If there
>> is no result, try systemId if it is different from null. If there
>> still is no result you should return null. The parser will then try
>> to fall back on a default value.
>> This entity resolver must be set on the org.xml.sax.XMLReader you
>> use for parsing the XSL-FO document or another input document if
>> you have filters between the parser and the formatter.
>> Regards,
>> Werner.

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