[xep-support] XEP 3 Integration with XMLSpy 5

From: Kevin Trainor <ktrainor@ligent.net>
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 12:02:18 PDT

Dear Support:


Due to an unfortunate series of hard drive crashes, I have had to reinstall
all of my applications. This includes XEP 3.8.4 and XMLSpy Enterprise
Edition version 2005 release 3. While I believe that I have succeeded in
installing XEP 3.8.4 properly, I don't seem to be able to make the XMLSpy
integration work.


I believe that I have properly installed XEP 3.8.4 because I can run it from
the command line and generate PDFs for all of my documents. Also, using the
command line interface, I can generate PDFs for all of the example documents
that came as part of the distribution.


The difficulty comes when I try click on the FO icon on the XMLSpy toolbar.
If the document that is currently loaded into XMLSpy is an FO document (like
the basic examples for color, lists, etc.), then it formats fine and pops up
a PDF document. However, if the document currently loaded into XMLSpy is an
XSLT document (like the hammer example), then it pops up a browser window
with a file called tmp0001.html. This looks like it might contain some kind
of intermediate PDF format. I can't tell exactly what it is.


When I first tried to make this integration work, I just pointed XMLSpy to
the XEP batch file that was in the XEP installation directory. I got these
results. Then, I remembered to install the XEP 3 to XML Spy Connector.
Unfortunately, I still get the same results.


I know that I had this working before. So, I probably have solved this
problem before. But, today, I am stumped.


Any advice that you can give me on straightening out the XEP to XMLSpy
integration will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your help.






Kevin Trainor




www.ligent.net <http://www.ligent.net/>


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