[xep-support] UnregisteredMIMETypeException: MIME type 'image/x-bmp'

From: <Dan.Urbano@tamgroup.com>
Date: Fri Jul 15 2005 - 12:09:03 PDT


I am having a problem using XEP 4.3 (the XEP Ant task), evaluation version
when I try to render an image with the following XSL:FO. I created a test
case which mimics the behavior I see in my larger XSL:FO document as well.
 This same exact code DOES work with FOP. FOP simply does a terrible job
when rendering a document using the "<SPAN>" tag, so I am choosing what
will hopefully be the lesser of two evils. ; )

        <fo:inline role="html:span">This is a test: <fo:external-graphic
src="url('D:/work/fooproject\sig03537.bmp')" role="html:img"/></fo:inline>

I receive the error:

[xep] [error] Failed to create image
file:/D:/work/fooproject/sig03537.bmp of type null
[xep] [error] com.renderx.graphics.UnregisteredMIMETypeException:
MIME type 'image/x-bmp' is not registered

I have seen some mention of similar errors with svg, but I suppose my
novice experience with XSL:FO and XSL in general have contributed in my
lack of figuring out the solution.

1. What exact attribute(s), if any, would I need to add to the
<fo:external-graphic /> tag to make XEP happy?
2. Is this a problem with the evaluation version only? Can I expect this
to behave the same with the production version?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and let me know if I should include
the entire, pared down XSL:FO document.

Also, in case the question arises, the XSL:FO document is being rendered
using Antenna House's xhtml2fo.xsl stylesheet from an xhtml document for
both of my test cases, hence the "html:img" in the XSL:FO.


Daniel A. Urbano
Senior Software Engineer



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