[xep-support] Preserving whitespace in programlisting output

From: Kenneth Johansson <ke-joh@sectra.se>
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 06:30:56 PDT

I'm using DocBook <programlisting> a lot for showing chunks of code etc. From what I've deducted from reading on the support mailing
list I gather that tabs in <programlisting> are replaced with a single whitespace.
I'm using whitespaces in my <programlisting> but when I try to select the result in a PDF I only select the text, not a single
whitespace. Is this behavior a Acrobat Reader "feature" or is it a XEP bug, or is it possible to tweak XEP to keep the whitespaces?
This is quite a serious problem for us since our service engineers wish to copy the content of these <programlisting>'s and insert
it in scripts etc. In some cases the indention is vital, and when pasting 50 rows of code its quite irritating to have to reindent
the text.
Best regards,

Kenneth Johansson Technical Documentation Manager
Sectra Imtec AB
Teknikringen 20 E-mail: ke-joh AT sectra DOT se
SE-583 30 Linköping Phone: +46 13 23 52 00
SWEDEN Web: http://www.sectra.se <http://www.sectra.se/>


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