Re: [xep-support] Dynamic PDF generated by a server solution.

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 07:45:40 PDT

> So, can I use your En Masse solution to:
> Send my XML, my XSL and my XEP properties to En Masse in my JAVA
> EAR code to generated a dynamic PDF? (from one web application
> server to EnMasse?)

Yes, you should use either Toaster (a home-brewn lightweight
protocol) or Fairy (SOAP server) to run the EnMasse server, and write
your client's code appropriately. Documentation and examples explain

> Generated the PDF with the <figure src="Images/hammer.jpg"
> figure-name="Hammer Parts."/> and the <li img="Images/screw.jpg">
> TAG if the systemID reflect the client
> side of EnMasse? If no, how can I send my image to EnMasse for
> processing?

You should use absolute URLs and expose the images for access via HTTP.

> Can I received an OutputStream on the client side that I can put
> in the HttpServletResponse of my EAR?

Yes, please refer to documentation and examples.

> I need numbers to know what is the configuration of my Unix
> EnMasse server for 100 transactions/sec to generated a complicated
> PDF of about 3 meg. If you cannot give
> them for this example, I will take any perfomance report that
> you can provide to me for EnMasse solution.

EnMasse is designed to run multiple instances of XEP over a grid of
many computers. Get a few to run to benefit from the distributed
processing and load balancing EnMasse provides.

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