[xep-support] Dynamic PDF generated by a server solution.

From: <frederic.ouellet@desjardins.com>
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 07:18:23 PDT


I am the guy who had integrated XEP in the Federation des Caisses Desjardins infrastructure's. Both our Internet (www.desjardins.com) and Intranet use XEP to generated
dynamic PDF.

We use the XEP librairy in a Java EAR for each application deployed on Weblogic 8.1 Server.

Actually, our server are always in evolution and we need to centralized our dynamic PDF generation on 1 server.

So, can I use your En Masse solution to:

   Send my XML, my XSL and my XEP properties to En Masse in my JAVA EAR code to generated a dynamic PDF? (from one web application server to EnMasse?)

   Generated the PDF with the <figure src="Images/hammer.jpg" figure-name="Hammer Parts."/> and the <li img="Images/screw.jpg"> TAG if the systemID reflect the client
   side of EnMasse? If no, how can I send my image to EnMasse for processing?

   Can I received an OutputStream on the client side that I can put in the HttpServletResponse of my EAR?

   I need numbers to know what is the configuration of my Unix EnMasse server for 100 transactions/sec to generated a complicated PDF of about 3 meg. If you cannot give
   them for this example, I will take any perfomance report that you can provide to me for EnMasse solution.

Best Regards,
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