[xep-support] Lots of embedded font subsets

From: Brett Karopczyc <bj@infoplusonline.com>
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 12:38:53 PDT

Hello -

I'm currently investigating XEP as a FrameMaker replacement in a highly
automated DocBook -> PDF workflow, and so far I'm quite impressed. We
produce large documents (hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages),
some of which have many embedded PDF graphics (up to ~10,000 images).
Here's one issue I'm running into:

An automated system produces the embedded PDF images, and when it does,
it embeds and subsets the fonts used in the graphics. All of the
graphics use the same four or five fonts. When XEP produces the final
PDF document, with the embedded images, it contains tens of thousands
of embedded, subsetted fonts, which end up taking up huge amounts of
space in the file.

Question - I've read that XEP drops certain elements from PDF files
when it embeds them - like annotations, javascript, etc. Is there any
way to tell XEP to also drop font information as well? I can live with
the graphics using the 'Adobe Base 14' fonts if necessary. I've read
in other responses that the embedded PDFs won't have access to any
other fonts in the document, so I'm assuming that is the price I'd pay
for removing the embedded fonts.

Any other thoughts on a workaround to this issue would be greatly

Thanks for you help,

Brett Karopczyc
Head of Software Development
Bristol Capital, Inc.

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