Re: [xep-support] Splitting of large document

From: Mike Trotman <>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 04:05:45 PDT

I have successfully processed 100mB+ documents of 1000+ pages - mainly
consisting of heavily formatted tables with 15 x 20 cells per page,
multiple pages per table, lots of data per cell, footnotes etc.
This included bookmarks and a simple Table Of Contents with internal
links to individual tables.

By placing each table / document chunk within a separate
<fo:page-sequence> I was able to keep the memory requirements very low
(not much more than the default).
I'm now also using XSLT pre-processing where I produce each
<fo:page-sequence> in a separate XSL-FO file and generate a master
processing document which sets up regions and page masters
and contains a list of the separate <fo:page-sequence> files to include.
I then process this master list with a simple XSLT to produce the final
FO for output to PDF.

I haven't used indexes (the TOC references etc. are constructed by the
XSLT) - so don't know what sort of overhead this produces.


Brian J. Butler wrote:

> I have also been working on a very large document (88MB FO file, 2200
> pages of technical text and drawings). I can offer the following three
> suggestions:
> 1. Make sure your Java -Xmx size is as large as possible. With
> Windows this will be approximately -Xmx1600Mb.
> 2. Use the XEP flag to turn off PDF compression (in xep.xml or command
> line). This will result in a very large PDF, but you can compress it
> after rendering by opening it in Adobe Acrobat and then saving.
> 3. Switch to a 64-bit Solaris platform (Opteron processors). We
> benchmarked one of these machines and found that we can -Xmx almost
> unlimited memory. The speed is also very fast.
> Jost Klopfstein wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I ran into memory problems while rendering a large book with TOC,
>> indexes and references between sections.
>> I first thought I could just render section by section into XEP
>> intermediate format and then assemble the pieces with some custom
>> code into a large PDF using the PDF output generator.
>> However I will loose the TOC, indexes and the references between
>> sections.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Jost
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