Re: [xep-support] Enmasse configuration parameters

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 07:48:56 PDT

On 30.04.2005, at 20:07, Sefy Kagarlitsky wrote:

> Hello,
> When running Enmasse, it takes it several seconds to process each
> document (even the smallest one).

Actinia (that is, EnMasse looking at a folder and picking to digest
with XEP whatever falls into it) does NOT spend several seconds to pick
up EACH document. Instead, it scans the directory at fixed
intervals,and picks up ALL documents it believes are completely written
for processing. After that, they are processed without further delays.

> Are there any general suggestions how to improve its performance?

User documentation is a good source. Read it.

> There are two parameters which I thought to change:
> 1. pickup-interval - can I make it smaller that 1 second? 0.1, for
> example?

Yes, it can be smaller than one second; it is a number; and it is
written in the documentation.

> 2. pickup-delay - can it be smaller than 2 seconds? Does Enmasse check
> whether another process is holding the file (writing to it)? Does it
> check also parts of seconds, and not only integer seconds?

This is a number, numbers can be fractional. Make sure though that your
software does not become inactive while writing a document for more
than the pickup-delay, it is the way Actinia decides that the document
is written completely to the input folder.

> If the answer to question 1 is positive, this parameter can be "0".
> If the answer to the second question is positive, it can be "1". Am I
> correct?

You are correct, but you didn't read the documentation. If
pickup-interval is 0, the processor of your computer will be loaded at
100% scanning the input directory in a loop without delays. This is a
bad thing to do; you'll get your CPU hot, and the formatter's
performance slow. The pickup delay can be smaller for local
installations; any value which is greater than the amount of time your
producer becomes inactive during writing the source file will work.

However, since I do know what you are working on and trying to achieve,
you've chosen the wrong route. You should not use Actinia; instead, you
should setup a networked interaction with XEP, through EnMasse/Toaster
(custom low overhead protocol) if you want something simple to code and
efficient, or EnMasse/Fairy (SOAP-based) if you prefer a standard's
based and ubiquitous solution.

In any case, you'll have to read documentation and study examples; you
won't get much out of the system without that.


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