Re: [xep-support] Performance and synchronization: debugging XEP version?

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sat Apr 23 2005 - 06:01:21 PDT

On 23.04.2005, at 17:18, Irving Salisbury III wrote:

> I have the integration kit. The jar I pulled out was from
> xep/lib/xep.jar. There is another one in there called xep-debug.jar,
> but I am not using that one. Is there anything in the jar itself that
> can determine if I have the right version? Seems like I am using the
> right version.

Then I cannot reproduce the contention you are experiencing, and need
more information to help you.
I am running XEP with 32 concurrent threads on a 4-processors machine,
and there is no contention under flood of .fo documents.

If you see contention, you should be able to see where exactly in the
code it occurs. I also recommend that you run 'straight up XEP', and
the most convenient way to do that is EnMasse/Actinia and a single
Engine (as opposite to multiple JVMs -- EnMasse is capable of both),
and see whether there is any slow-down or scalability issue.

I don't see one in my experiments. And the source code convinces me
that there shouldn't be any unless debugging is turned on, and it is
turned off in the default xep.jar.


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