Re: [xep-support] Performance and synchronization

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 12:08:18 PDT

On 22.04.2005, at 23:23, Irv Salisbury III wrote:

> I am not using En Masse. I am using straight up XEP. It definitely
> is in the XEP code. (As can be expected from your previous emails) I
> wrote a load balancer specific to our app and it now scales linearly.
> (With XEP in only one thread per VM)
> Try testing with straight up XEP and you will see the contention. On
> solaris, you can actually use a status tool to see the contention.


CLISER/EnMasse IS a straight up XEP with several threads running inside
a single virtual machine. I have tested on a multi-processor
configuration with multiple threads, and I don't see contention. Could
you please find out and check what exact stage of formatting causes
contention in your case?

My previous e-mails had explained what was synchronized in the
formatting kernel, but these synchronization do not cause noticeable
slow-down - they are infrequent and critical sections are short.


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