Re: [xep-support] Table column hadings repeated at the top of the columns on each page

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 23:44:15 PST

Hello, Nicholas.

The fo:table-header formatting object is used to contain the content of the table header.
Normally it is repeated right after a page break or column break crosses the table body.

    <fo:block> this is a cell in table-header </fo:block>
   <!-- more cells in this row -->
  <!-- more rows in table-header -->
  . . . . . . .
See a FO sample attached.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005 at 4:13:34 AM you wrote:

NG> Dear all,
NG> †
NG> I am looking into the possibility of having column headings
NG> at the top of tables on each page, for tables that span multiple
NG> pages. Or in other words, can you get the column headings of a
NG> table to repeat at the top of each page the table is printed on,
NG> without working out where the page breaks are or anything stupid
NG> like that?
NG> †
NG> Does anyone know if XEP can do this? Does anyone have any FO
NG> examples? Or working XSLT examples of what Iím talking about?
NG> †
NG> Thanks in advance,
NG> N.
NG> †
NG> †
NG> †
NG> Nicholas Gledhill
NG> Software Engineer / Analyst & Database Publisher
NG> †
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NG> Level 3, G12
NG> The University of Sydney
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NG> †

Best regards,
 Michael Sulyaev                

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