Re: [xep-support] Configuring fonts from an otf file

From: Chris Bowditch <>
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 09:24:29 PST

Christopher Wong wrote:

> I'm having trouble translating the old XEP 3.8 fonts.xml definitions of
> Asian languages to the new 4.2 xep.xml file. The reference manual is too
> sketchy to be of much help. Here's an example of the old style:
> <font name="STSong-Light-Acro,Bold"
> ttf="CIDFont/STSong-Light-Acro"
> adobe-encoding="UniGB-UCS2-H"
> adobe-ordering="GB1"
> adobe-supplement="2"
> embed="false">
> <alias name="STSong-Bold"/>
> <alias name="STSong-Light-Acro-Bold"/>
> </font>
> I don't see how this can be configured in the new style. Specifically,
> you cannot do something like:
> <font-family name="AdobeSongStd-Light,Bold">
> <font><font-data otf="CIDFont/AdobeSongStd-Light.otf"/></font>
> </font-family> <font-alias name="STSongStd-Bold"
> value="AdobeSongStd-Light,Bold"/>
> XEP will interpret the font-alias as naming two fonts
> "AdobeSongStd-Light" and "Bold", treating the comma as a separator. How
> does one configure XEP to use fonts from Adobe's font packs?

We have a very similar problem. I believe the 4.x version of XEP relies on the
presence of the font-weight attribute on FOs to determine which font element
to use inside the font-family.

In 3.x, it was possible to set up different fonts with different weights and
rely on just the font-family name to select the correct one. For example;

<font name="Arial" ttf="Arial.ttf">
<font name="Arial-Bold" ttf="Arialbd.ttf">

Unfortunately there doesnt appear to be any way to map this approach into the
new file format. I realise its probably bad practise to omit the font-weight
attribute, but some of our customers have done this! And we really need an
automatic process to upgrade the old font configuration files.


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