[xep-support] Configuring fonts from an otf file

From: Christopher Wong <cwong@idiominc.com>
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 08:40:21 PST

I'm having trouble translating the old XEP 3.8 fonts.xml definitions of
Asian languages to the new 4.2 xep.xml file. The reference manual is too
sketchy to be of much help. Here's an example of the old style:

   <font name="STSong-Light-Acro,Bold"
     <alias name="STSong-Bold"/>
     <alias name="STSong-Light-Acro-Bold"/>

I don't see how this can be configured in the new style. Specifically,
you cannot do something like:
    <font-family name="AdobeSongStd-Light,Bold">
        <font><font-data otf="CIDFont/AdobeSongStd-Light.otf"/></font>
    <font-alias name="STSongStd-Bold" value="AdobeSongStd-Light,Bold"/>

XEP will interpret the font-alias as naming two fonts
"AdobeSongStd-Light" and "Bold", treating the comma as a separator. How
does one configure XEP to use fonts from Adobe's font packs?



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