Re: [xep-support] RenderX oXygen Error

From: Alexander Peshkov <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 01:09:57 PST

Hello Ray,

It looks like you are trying to execute 'readme.txt' instead of ''.
  Options | Preferences | FO Processors | Browse and Add XEP

you have to select XEP executable file ( shell script) and it
seems to me that you have accidently clicked on readme.txt instead.
Please go to "Options | Preferences | FO Processors" select XEP, click
'Edit' and carefully examine command line - it should be something
like this:

/usr/local/RenderX/XEP/ -fo ${fo} -${method} ${out}

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov

RM> docbookDTD=4.4b2 docbookXSL=1.67-2 vm=1.5.0_01 os=fc2 ide=oXygen-5.1 fo=XEP
RM> Desktop-4.2 Evaluation

RM> Options | Preferences | FO Processors | Browse and Add XEP

RM> Edited the fo stylesheet to xep.extensions = 1

RM> Receive the following oXygen transformation error:

RM> E The process ended with code : -1234567 The error was :
RM> /usr/local/RenderX/XEP/readme.txt: cannot execute

RM> File exists with 0644 permissions ( it is a text file ...)

RM> Please advise.

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