Re: [xep-support] wrap-option attribute

From: Michael Smith <>
Date: Sun Feb 06 2005 - 15:18:31 PST

François_Torche wrote:
> Hello,
> Does XEP 4.1 supports the attribute wrap-option?
> I tried the following
> <fo:block>The value is :
> <fo:inline font-weight="bold">This is a very long text [...] </fo:inline>
> </fo:block>
> But if the content of fo:inline is too long to fit on my line, instead of wrapping, it's compressing the text so that it does anyway (and it becomes unreadable).
> I tried to add wrap-option= "wrap" in the tag but it does not make any difference.
> Thanks for you help,
> François

Are you sure you don't have some enclosing element with an attribute
like: keep-together="always" on it?

Every time I've encountered this sort of behaviour, it's been because of

The confusing (at least at first) bit is that keep-together is a
compound property consisting of keep-together.within-page,
keep-together.within-column, and keept-together.within-line. It's much
more common to want one of the first two, not the latter.

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