Re: [xep-support] On XSL FO and reporting of unexpected behavior

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sat Jan 22 2005 - 02:42:13 PST

Hi Eliot,

in this and the previous message, you describe behavior that seems to
you not corresponding to your expectations; and you declare it buggy.

1) you don't provide complete XSL FO source examples that demonstrate
the bugginess of the behavior
2) your explanations are contradictory, contain typos (what is the
second block following the first float in the text below) and do not
provide enough detail to guess.

In particular, in the attached example, the floats behave exactly as

Subscribers of XEP-support mailing list, both users of XEP and RenderX
engineers, are ready to answer each other's questions. But in asking a
question, things acceptable from a user of XEP and XSL FO, trying to
master a technology new for them, are not from you as the
representative of a member of W3C in XSL Working Group.

In the future, please provide short examples illustrating behavior that
puzzles you so that we can explain what is happening.

David Tolpin

On 22.01.2005, at 5:34, W. Eliot Kimber wrote:

> If I have two end-side floats within a sequence of blocks such that
> the second float specifies clear="both" and the vertical extent of the
> normal block contents is greater than the vertical depth of both
> floats, the two floats should be placed immediately one below the
> other, with the block contents intruded into, regardless of how the
> flowed content is organized into blocks.
> However, I am not seeing this behavior. The behavior I get is that the
> second block, which occurs in the FO source immediately following the
> first float, is presented after the first float but positioned all the
> way to the start edge of the page and does not intrude into any text.
> This has to be a bug because in the absence of clear="" on any of the
> blocks, the side floats should intrude into any flowed content they
> encounter.
> In addition, an end float just always be positioned as close to the
> end edge as possible.
> Cheers,
> E.
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> W. Eliot Kimber
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