[xep-support] Basic-link specifying page number or named dest

From: Bob Zoller <bzoller@cavoksolutions.com>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 15:55:54 PST

Hello all-

I'm generating a PDF with XEP.. This PDF needs to link to another
*pre-existing, not XEP generated* PDF. I discovered the <fo:basic-link>
today.. And with XEP, if I do:

<fo:basic-link external-destination="url('file://FOM_10.pdf')">MY

It's happy, and it generates a link that will open up FOM_10.pdf within
acrobat (ie *not* open a web browser)... This is what I want.

The CATCH.. Is that I need it to open to a certain page of that new PDF.
I've done this via the web plugin by doing things like


But unfortunately, this:

<fo:basic-link external-destination="url('file://FOM_10.pdf#page=2')">MY

Does not work.

Within Acrobat, it appears I can create a link that does such a function..
I'm just wondering if/how I can do it from within XEP.


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